With the advent of the Internet, online banking has grown at a high speed. In this article, we will talk about online banks and the credits they offer to potential borrowers.

So-called third-generation online banks

So-called third-generation online banks

Third-generation online banks include banks with a physical branch and parallel credit facilities. It is :

  • My online loan banker
  • the NPD Sariba online agency
  • DLLC
  • Lisabank
  • Sorasama Bank
  • Malipay Bank
  • MdforBank

These banking groups offer the credits of the traditional bank but with possibility of online subscription.

Rairaibanks and pure players


Rairaibanks like Morning and N26 are newcomers with a still limited range of loans. Pure players like Fortuneo and ING Direct do not offer a consumer loan.

A multitude of consumer credits available online

Each online bank offers consumer loans with different loan conditions.

Cons credits from DLLC

The DLLC Group has decided to provide its customers with a special formula for consumer credit. Instead of grouping them together, it offers various types of consumer loans: conso travaux, conso auto, conso repurchase, conso budget … Only the names differ because these loan products are offered under the same conditions: a duration from 6 to 7 years and a maximum capital of 60 000 € (except the conso works which allows to obtain only 20 000 € without exactitude of duration of refund).

But there are still some differences. The budget conso allows to request up to 1 500 000 € over 15 years and without any proof of use of the money borrowed.

Conso credits from My online loan banker

Like DLLC, My online loan banker develops a very wide choice of lines of credit. Thus, it clearly distinguishes between automobile purchase loans and those used for work or for cash requirements. For example, My online loan banker advances a loan of € 1,000, with a repayment over 3 years, for urgent expenses, at 0% rate!

Cons credits from NPD Sariba

For NPD Sariba’ online bank, the credit is called various loans. His site also has a simulation tool. But the applied rates are always the same for all types of personal loans contracted. In reality, appropriations are only used for statistical purposes.

Loan between individual

Loan between individual

The loan between individuals is linked to peer-to-peer lending or crowdlending. This type of crowdfunding allows individuals and businesses to request online financing from their counterparts. Banking organizations do not intervene in these types of loans. The loan between individuals is legalized and regulated. The borrower must guarantee the repayment. And most of the time, the borrowing rate is set by an agreement between the two parties but it must never exceed the rate of attrition of the Banque de France. If the amount exceeds € 760, the loan must be declared to the tax authorities.

Loan without proof

Loan without proof

Conso credit without justification allows free use of borrowed money, without having to justify the expenditure made. Thus, it is not required to provide invoices or quotes to submit the application for funding. Moreover, a fast online credit for a sum of less than € 3,000 can be obtained without providing proof of income. To know that the amount of the credit without justification is often capped at 21 000 € for a payment period of less than 5 or 7 years. Use this comparison of online banks to find the most interesting loan offer!