Christmas is celebrated as it should be. However, your finances do not really give you the freedom to burst. You are forced to think about the purchase of gifts, the first expense item of the Nativity Festival, and yet there are not only gifts. What about the budget for dress, clothing, transportation and festive meals? Do not panic, credit agencies can provide you with the necessary to allow you to better enjoy the magic of Christmas without affecting your budget. Here are 3 tips to finance your Christmas shopping.

Free credit


Signs often make arrangements on the eve of the end of the year to facilitate purchases. Check out those that invite you to subscribe to a free credit. The principle of this method of financing is based on the commitment to repay the funds borrowed in the year. Of course, as the name of the financial product indicates, the rate is 0%. You still have to register for the loyalty program to benefit from it. Take the example of Apple which granted a free credit until January 15 of the year that followed to those who made purchases whose value was between 249 € and 5 000 €. At that time, those who bought an iPhone 6 priced at € 819 pledged to repay a monthly € 68.25 for one year.

Personal loan without proof

Personal loan without proof

Credit agencies make promotional offers before the end of year holidays, to absolutely enjoy! The unsupported personal loan is especially interesting for buying gifts, and even for many other needs, because you do not have to justify the expenses to which the capital will be allocated. The gifts are indeed improvised, and the unexpected are not lacking during the preparations for the holidays.

Promotional offers from banks and financial institutions on Christmas Eve are short-lived. What’s more, their rate is low. Carrefour Banque, which offered an offer of personal credit between October 22nd and January 5th, with an invariable rate of 2.80%, would like to remember those who wished to borrow more than € 2,000.

Payday deposit

Payday deposit

Also known as payday advance, this trick can work if you are an employee and you get along well with your employer. The paycheck is to ask for a portion of his salary well before the arrival of the day of the usual payment. Some companies circulate a print for employees who want to receive a payday advance, but if yours does not, you can still write a request on paper free of paycheck addressed to your management or the Human Resources Manager. Of course, they do not have to accept your request, but you have nothing to lose trying.

In 2014, an online bank did a statistical study and found that 1% of consumers were thinking of using consumer loans, including personal loans. A quarter of them remained undecided about financing Christmas purchases. Another quarter planned to apply the end-of-year bonuses or the 13th month salary to Christmas shopping. However, the toys offered by Santa Claus are becoming more expensive. In fact, it’s all capital. Currently, if you are still part of the undecided, it is time to opt for one of the three tips proposed above. It is recommended that you do an online credit simulation if you are spoiled for choice.

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