Introducing Data Sangria, the iPaaS for the Nonprofit Management Systems Ecosystem


It’s a serious platform that powers reliable integrations for associations

It’s not an April Fool’s joke, Virginia’s holding AssociationWire LLC has launched its latest product, Data Sangria, an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) specifically designed to help nonprofits and associations more easily manage the task of sharing data between systems at all levels of association management systems stack. AMS Geek’s software engineering team led by Jeremy Evans, who studied at both Virginia Wesleyan University and ECPI University majoring in computer science and computer science and information systems respectively, has developed a platform to simplify the process of integrating data across the stack of association management systems that nonprofits use to manage various aspects of their day-to-day organizations. The company refers to their integrations as “recipes” as a pun to align themselves with their serious platform with a very fun brand, Data Sangria. Brett Dangle, Sales and Brand Manager for the Portfolio, said, “The product stands on its own, period. It’s a serious, reliably powered rig nonprofit integrations and our other mission-driven clients. The brand represents our commitment to bringing fun to work every day; not only in our own offices, but also for our customers. The product was technically launched in secret as a beta product signing its first customer in December 2019 and shipping in early 2020, but the mission was never to launch and sell a product to make money, according to the CEO of the company was always about creating something disruptive that could change the way associations and nonprofits view their data and how they could use it if it were more easily shared and accessed in other places. other systems.

At the launch of the Data Sangria brand today, the product is already powering dozens of associations and AMS integrations around the world, including customers on two continents and three countries. Vice President of the Portfolio Company and member of the management team, Craig Peake added “after spending more than twenty years working for and with associations, I have seen how difficult it can be to align technology with an association’s business needs; Data Sangria isn’t a silver bullet, but we’re going to save many missions a lot of time and money, and ultimately give them the control and visibility over their integrations and data that they want. and deserve. Peake refers to client access where they can log in to Data Sangria and not only add and remove data points and datasets from integrations but they get a report card of all data synced across all systems that they can use. Sangria data to sync. Customer Experience is a no-code solution for complete control and transparency over how integrations work as well as what is done through Data Sangria and for which systems.

The company’s first employee, Emily Persson, who does most of the project management and some of the specialist client consulting for the company, recalls that AssociationWire LLC didn’t even have its first client, nor even none of her current markings when she left. her role as director of data management at a national association where she had spent the last 10 years of her career. The company founder asked her to accompany him on a journey that was yet to be defined and after considering the opportunity, she came to the conclusion that “following an entrepreneur without clients in the heat of a startup seems crazy, but we share a passion for serving the space and empowering mission-driven organizations. This was an opportunity to bring change to hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations instead of working in just one. Persson added, “Seeing the team grow along the way and Data Sangria come to life for our clients; we feel like we’re in the right place at the right time to change the world through technology.”

You can find Data Sangria on; customers can access the platform at

About Data Sangria

Data Sangria is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) designed to offer more integrated application ecosystem for associations and non-profit organizations around the world. Data Sangria is a DBA registered with the State of Virginia, under the Virginia holding company, AssociationWire LLC.

About AssociationWire LLC

AssociationWire LLC is a Virginia LLC founded in 2011 and is the parent company to a portfolio of brands including, but not limited to, AMS Geek, AMS Jobs, Data Sangria, and Turf Republic, all registered in Virginia.

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